The Decentralized Sports Betting Exchange

The global decentralised sports betting exchange

Sports betting is a massive industry with over US$2tn wagered every year, yet it is highly fragmented and characterised by high fees and poor user experiences. BetDEX was created to fix this.

Built on Solana

Solana's scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 for our users with lightning fast speeds to match.

Powered By Monaco

The Monaco Protocol is a liquidity matching program deployed on the Solana blockchain.


Avg. Cost Per Transaction

Incredibly cheap transactions


Transactions per Second

Built to handle global volume


Millisecond Block Times

The fastest blockchain in the World

The Global Sports Betting Industry is Worth Over $250Bn


Why blockchain?
Why Solana?
Who is behind this project?
How much traffic can the platform handle?
Which wallet will I need?
What is Solana?
When will it launch?
Where is BetDEX based?
Does BetDEX control/hold our funds?
How can I stay abreast of developments?