The Future of
Sports Betting

⚽︎ Non-custodial, no deposits or withdrawals
⚽︎ No account restrictions for winners
⚽︎ High liquidity

⚽︎ Great odds

Industry Low Fees!

3% on net profits. We win when you win!

Powered by the Monaco Protocol

A decentralized liquidity network for exchange-based applications built on Solana. The Monaco Protocol provides the crucial infrastructure for our prediction markets exchange.

Built on Solana 🤝

Solana’s scalability ensures transactions remain less than $0.01 for your orders with lightning fast speeds to match.


Avg. Cost Per Transaction

Incredibly cheap transactions


Transactions per Second

Built to handle global volume


Millisecond Block Times

The fastest blockchain in the World

Your Keys. Your Crypto.

Only you can access your wallet. We don’t custody funds and you receive betting profits instantly upon market settlement.

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Building the future of sports betting

For too long sports bettors have had to put up with poor product experiences, have their funds locked up by operators and are penalised for winning. BetDEX is here to change all of that by creating the decentralised marketplace for sports betting. An ecosystem where liquidity is shared, winners are welcome and innovative products can thrive. The future is decentralised, the future is permissionless, the future is BetDEX


Why blockchain?
Why Solana?
Who is behind this project?
How much traffic can the platform handle?
What is Solana?
Where is BetDEX based?
Does BetDEX control/hold our funds?